TRANSFORMING LIFE: Everyone Being Discipled

We believe everyone is called into a life of discipleship following Jesus. You see, following Jesus is simply learning to hear the voice of God and obey. So we created places of intentional relationship like Missional Communities and Discipleship Huddles where you will be invited and challenged into new patterns of believing. On Sundays we practice our discipleship as a family, coming ready to worship together and use the gifts we have cultivated to encourage and build each other up.

 LOVING FAMILY: Everyone Finding Belonging

We believe everyone is called to find their true identity in Jesus. At Grace, we live for people to experience genuine family, where everyone finds true belonging and tangible love. Because God’s our Father, and we’re his beloved children, we practice relationships that are built on vulnerability, courage, and telling the truth. We gather every week as a family to live out celebrating, connecting and giving together. 

RADICAL FAITH: Everyone Pursuing His Promises

We believe everyone is called to daily walk by faith in Jesus. We exist to empower and encourage every person to walk by faith in Jesus. By faith, you were made to daily receive Gods abundant provision and mighty power. We practice this radical trust, as we assert Gods word above our fears, above the way situations may appear and above every power that opposes the kingdom of God. We want to walk by faith not just sight. 


JOYFUL SERVICE: Everyone Living For Each Other

We believe everyone is called to humbly serve like Jesus. At Grace, we believe our highest calling is to go to the lowest place. Living our life for the sake of others is at the centre of the cross-formed life and is our greatest source of joy. We practice this by living in a community marked by generous giving, thoughtful care and shared responsibility. We also work to pioneer and partner with creative initiatives that serve our region. 


RELATIONAL MISSION: Everyone Encountering Jesus

We believe everyone is called to demonstrate the good news of Jesus. Our conviction is simple: Jesus wants to uniquely live his life through you. A life of discipleship, faith, family, and service that overflows with the good news that Jesus is alive and He saves. We practice that new way of living by recognizing that God has purposefully planted us in specific neighbourhoods and workplaces. We live for others to encounter the love of Jesus.

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