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Grace’s Vision & Values Document was put together to help explain more effectively, who we are as a family and the defining characteristics of our community.



The VISION portion outlines simply how we view God’s Kingdom and the essential elements necessary for it to be tangible in our lives. It is the broad picture of what we believe life is about.



The VALUES portion outlines the defining elements of a life lived in the Kingdom of God and the distinctive calling of a community centered around Jesus and his commands.


What is not included in this booklet is the detailed plan of how we will actually put this plan into action. We call these concepts, VEHICLES. Vehicles are the strategies and methods we use to do things. For example, we have a conviction about the value of the gospel that comes from our Vision, and thus we feel compelled to express the good new of Jesus to our community. That will never change. However what will change is how we actually decide to participate in Evangelism.   You can see that these things often change and are subject to times, seasons and their success. To hear about our Vehicles and the actual work we are doing, check out our Ministries section or visit us on a Sunday. 



This booklet is not meant to answer every theological question, and in fact we hope that it raises more questions than it answers. It’s our hope to provoke and encourage each of us to think deeply about how we live in this life and how we respond in obedience to Jesus. We believe we are in a continual refinement of our Vision & Values and are always progressing towards a clearer picture of who the church is and what Jesus is calling us to do. 



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