At Grace, the Vision portion of our Vision & Values document is defined by the “big picture” view we take of the Christian life. Our hope is that this is something any believer, in any context, could agree with, because it represents the foundational elements that every Jesus following community should aspire to. To explain this we use a simple triangle that highlights the three lens’ that make up our worldview: KINGDOM, FAMILY & MISSION. All three are dependent on each other and it is the work of the Spirit to bring these three realities together in a Christian’s life. In fact, the three together help explain and define each other. For instance, if you wanted to glimpse what the Kingdom looked like in practice: the closer the Family of God is joined with the Mission of God, the truer Kingdom picture you would have. Accordingly, the Mission of God is best expressed when people joined as family are centered around Jesus’ Kingdom.  


At the top of the triangle, the first lens is THE KINGDOM OF GOD. This means that as Christians we choose to view our lives and the world around us through the narrative of God’s story. More specifically, we view our lives through the story that Jesus came, died and rose to save creation from it’s bondage to sin and in it’s place institute a new order of government: The Kingdom of God. This means that though we live in this world, we are not citizens of it, we are people of the Kingdom, called to participate in, witness to and work towards the Kingdom being established. As Jesus taught us to pray, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”. The implications are life-altering. It means that we will surely lose this world but we will gain Jesus!


At the bottom left, the second lens is THE FAMILY OF GOD. This means that as Christians we choose to view ourselves through our new identity as God’s children and God’s family. We no longer regard ourselves or our new family according to our past failures or reputation. In fact, “if anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation” (2 Cor. 5:17)! No longer do we live for ourselves, but for the family and community around us. 

At the bottom right, the third lens is THE MISSION OF GOD. This means that as Christians we choose to view our entire life’s purpose through the lens of God’s mission to the world in Jesus. We believe that we are each called to participate in demonstrating and modeling Jesus to our neighbours. We have found that while it requires courage, we are uniquely positioned to truly love without thought of cost, serve without need for recognition, accept those who are not accepted and speak confidently to those who have not heard. We live to generously and joyfully express the goodness of Jesus to the whole world. 


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