We have Sunday School every week for ages 0-Grade 6. It is a time for the younger ones to learn and engage in activities that help to inspire them to follow Jesus.

We have classes for those from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6. We value learning from God’s word via creative storytelling, interactive object lessons, crafts, games and songs. All this takes place after a time of worship together in the sanctuary with our families.  Our class time is about 1 hour in length. Visit our “Weekly Memory Verse” page to see what lessons are currently being covered and view the memory verse of the week.


is where we can enjoy time with our youngest ones from age 0 to 3+  They have a space to explore and play in a safe environment.  Time for songs and snacks and stories in a casual setting.

Here are the Lego Creations that the kids have been working on in Sunday School.

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