Missional Community Booklet (PDF)


Each Missional Community at Grace follows a four-week pattern.
Week 1 is devoted to encouraging our UP relationship to God, where we will spend our evening working through the current series that is being taught on the Sunday Sabbath. We will discuss the text, apply the gospel to our hearts and pray with one another.
Week 2 is devoted to exploring our OUT relationships with our neighbours and friends by hosting them for dinner. The groups do not meet on this week, but are committed to investing in new relationships.

Week 3 is devoted to reengaging our IN relationships with one another, where we will spend our evening asking how we can support and pray for one another in the relationships we spent building the week before. We also take time to discuss our lives and talk about the struggles or victories we are experiencing.
Week 4 is devoted to celebrating and enjoying what God is doing amongst us, by hosting a party. Hopefully some of us can also invite our neighbours and other friends to join us for the meal or event.

Groups meet in various homes, various days, every week.

If you want to get connected, please call Mike at 519-993-0806.


Monday          7:30 PM      Waterloo

Tuesday          1:30 PM      Elora

Wednesday    7:30 PM      Uptown Fergus
Thursday        7:30 PM      Downtown Fergus   |    Eastside Fergus  |   Elora
Friday             7:30 PM      Guelph

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