Pastor Michael & Rachel Albano:
Lead Pastor
Pastor Michael and Rachel Albano have served at Grace for over ten years. Mike is a gifted teacher and leader, with a compelling vision for God’s Kingdom advancing in Centre Wellington and the surrounding area. Mike is known for his gregarious personality, a passion for all things sports, and a love of good food. With a heart to serve and equip, Mike lives to enjoy God with his friends. His wife Rachel, in addition to being an excellent mother to their three children, Lucas, Avery & Noah, is an professional abstract painter. Somehow in the midst of it all, she also finds time for her athletic hobbies: swimming, biking and running.


Pastor Tony & Sarah Albano: Associate Pastor
Pastor Tony & Sarah Albano have led Grace since it’s inception as a church in 1996. They are both well known for their hospitality, down to earth nature and their genuine love of people. Tony and Sarah are servants and pastors at their core and if you catch them at home, you’ll likely be invited in for supper, talk for hours, end up playing a board game with Tony past midnight and if needed, offered a room for the night. Tony and Sarah have four adult children, and a growing group of grandchildren that has now hit six.

Eldership Team:

Deacon Board:

Jordan Mallard, Rick Bauman, Jason Rath, Paul Klausen, Israel Franco, Werner Lomker


 Worship Leaders:
Sean Staebler, Lori de Groot

Children’s Ministry Leaders:
Lindsey Dorsch, Sarah Albano, Kaitlin Franco

Youth Leader:
Jason Durst





Richelle Lyons





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