Kingdom Repairs is a faith based ministry, created by God to repair broken items that might otherwise end up in a landfill. In the process, He is always reconciling Himself to the lost through the cross and His saints, showing great love for His creation. Kingdom Repairs restores the broken item and asks only that the beneficiary pay for any parts and give a portion of the savings back as a donation.



Prayer is essential to open doors and build bridges.  A prayer in faith is the catalyst that brings about change and restoration. On August 3rd of 2015 exactly 2 years after moving in to the former Gary Cooper Auto Mall, Kingdom Repairs closed down when the property was unexpectedly sold. We have been praying for a new location where God can continue to move in power, assisting those in the community who need help with their cars, appliances and small engines. I am pleased to announce that God has moved mountains once again! On June 1st 2016, Kingdom Repairs will begin a resurrected life. More glorious than before in a far better facility located at 645 St. David St. N., in the former Hutton Auto Collision Centre.

We are indebted to Eric VanGrootheest who has extended favour far beyond our expectations. He has agreed to a 5-year lease, at less than 50% market value. With the help of our tremendous team of volunteers and partners, we will again be both repairing broken items and speaking truth into people’s lives. What a perfect opportunity to not just talk about the love of Jesus, but demonstrate it practically.

Kingdom Repairs uses skilled and licensed volunteers to fix things that the less fortunate cannot afford to have repaired. We also accept donations of stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, lawnmowers etc to be refurbished and offered to those in need. Kingdom Repairs welcomes cash donations to assist in covering the overhead costs. We have no paid staff.

Contact: Werner Lomker

645 St. David St. N. Fergus ON or on facebook


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