As we have grown, we are ready to launch the next phase of our building plan, which is all about OUR KIDS and OUR COMMUNITY. We are building a brand new children’s and youth wing (8000+ sq/ft) that will also serve through the week as a community daycare. What’s more, we are building with a new and innovative green approach that runs on 10% of the energy of a conventional build. We are hoping to begin construction by the end of 2018 on an addition that will include:

3 Brand New Classrooms (Bathrooms included)

Brand New Nursery Area (3-4 Rooms + Bathrooms) 

Brand New Daycare Facility for Community

Brand New Multi-Purpose Fellowship Hall / Gym Space

Extra Storage Areas for Classrooms & Gym


OUR CAMPAIGN GOAL IS 500K               

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For more information on our building approach see 

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